SENSR-M: Mobility

  Key Features

  • Detection up to 200m*

  • Prediction up to 3 seconds

  • Classifies vehicles and people

  • Embedded capable (Nvidia, Renesas, Xilinx)


  • Autonomous vehicle

  • ADAS

  • Delivery robots


SENSR-I: Infrastructure

  Key Features

  • Designed to identify people

  • Anonymous people detection

  • Runs on CPU only

  • Flawlessly track objects between multiple LiDARs


  • Parameter security

  • People counting

  • Visitor traffic heatmap


SENSR-S: Special

  Key Features

  • Deep Learning enabled high performance and customized Lidar applications

  • Accurate object volume and location sub 10cm accuracy

  • Accurate orientation of vehicles sub 5 degrees of accuracy

  • Different and custom classification class enabled upon request


  • Smart intersection with extreme accuracy

  • Factory automation (Industry 4.0)

  • Customized large volume Lidar deployment

  • Specialized deep learning model for different industries


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