From Autonomous Driving to Plug and Play Kits


The Foundation of Vision for Self-driving Cars

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Key Features:

  • vehicles to perceive and understand dynamic static objects in real time

  • Deep-learning plus feature-based algorithm hybrid system

  • Map-free perception for ADAS and AV

  • Advanced classification, tracking and prediction of vehicles and pedestrians

  • Lane, curve and median detection


Highly Versatile Perception Solution for
Cities, Public Spaces, Logistics, Manufacturing and Retail Spaces

Key Features: 

  • Deep-learning based tracking and classification

  • Detect partially obstructed and fast-moving objects

  • Track in inclement weather including heaving rain and snow


LiDAR Perception Development Kit

Open the box, plug it in, and within 50 minutes you can start using LiDAR

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Key Features:

  • All-in-one kit

  • Object detection & classification

  • Object localization & tracking

  • Motion Prediction

Deployment Ready Kit

Low power, plug in and play LiDAR perception kit.

This single edge device is pre-loaded with SENSR software and has a dedicated LAN port and digital IO. It has a ruggedized solid state fanless design, with optional Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity.

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