A first of its kind 'Autonomy Through 5G Infrastructure' solution

Level 5 Control Tower (LV5 CTRL TWR), a mesh network of sensors and computers on infrastructure that guides vehicles autonomously without requiring that sensors be placed on individual vehicles. This revolutionary technology is in the early stage of commercial deployment with BMW to automate last-mile fleet logistics at their manufacturing facility in Munich. Beyond OEMs, the system has the potential to transform operations for a wide range of business applications ranging from vehicle distribution centers to car rental companies and trucking logistics.

Non-autonomous vehicles controlled autonomously

The network of sensors in the surrounding environment are controlled by a central processing unit, which communicates with all vehicles simultaneously and in real-time, using V2X connectivity technology. The result is fully autonomous closed ecosystems.

This allows thousands of vehicles to be autonomously driven in a controlled network, safely navigating around obstacles and other vehicles, with data from relatively few sensors.

By eliminating the need for repetitive, manual  driving around storage and distribution lots, the LV5 CTRL TWR increases efficiency, lowers costs, and improves worker safety.

As a first and last mile solution, autonomy through infrastructure is poised to revolutionize the manufacturing, logistics, and trucking industries.