Smart 3D perception Engine by Seoul Robotics

SENSR 3D Tracking Software is an all-in-one people and vehicle tracking solution that simplifies the 3D sensor experience and lowers the barrier for companies wanting to implement insights from 3D data into the systems and processes.

Powered by AI

Its patented 3D computer vision system combines with Machine Learning to allow for for live detection, tracking and classification of objects in true 3D space.

Open Platform

SENSR’s open platform architecture supports over 70 types of 3D sensors and is part of a quickly expanding ecosystem of sensor, analytics and integration partners, ready to be used in traffic safety, retail analytics, smart cities and many other markets.

Link to Demos

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SENSR-M: Mobility

  Key Features

  • Detection up to 200m*

  • Prediction up to 3 seconds

  • Classifies vehicles and people

  • Embedded capable (Nvidia, Renesas, Xilinx)


  • Autonomous vehicle

  • ADAS

  • Delivery robots

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Transforming industries with diverse lidar soultions


A Plug & Play LiDAR Perception System

All-in-one Kit

Simple 3-step process: Open the box, plug it in, see the results

Machine Learning

High Accuracy Customized Classification Enabled

Lidar agnostic

Select the right sensor for the job without compromise

Saves time

Accelerate time-to-market

Ready to integrate & POC ready.

Industry Applications


  • Access Control

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Perimeter Security

  • Speed Detection


  • Customer Journey

  • Space Efficiency

  • Emergency Management

  • Threat Detection


  • People Flow Analysis

  • Customer Count And Dwell Time

  • Employee Interaction

Smart Factory

  • Workplace Safety

  • Heavy Vehicle Collision Avoidance

  • Overheight Detection

  • Autonomous Robot Navigation

Smart City

  • Public Transportation Efficiency

  • Space Usage


  • Traffic Flow & Re-routes

  • Accident Detection

  • Vulnerable Road User

  • Smart Traffic Lights

  • Railroad Crossing Safety

  • Wrong Way Driving

  • Speeding

Supported Lidar

Over 70 brands and types of 3D time-of-flight sensors supported