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Team Seoul Robotics - Open Positions

Seoul Robotics is an international mobility tech startup with team members from 6+ different countries.

  • Seoul Robotics specializes in real-time 3D perception AI that enables intelligent and safer mobility technology.

  • Seoul Robotics is seeking intelligent and responsible global talents.


  • Office in Seoul (Gangnam)

  • Korean 4 Insurance (Korean Universal Healthcare)

  • Flexible working hours

  • VISA supported (Relocation bonus if needed) (Because of COVID-19, no visa support for intern temporarily)

  • International team (English is a must, Korean is optional)

Please refer to this page for a detailed introduction of the company.

Research Engineer - Robotics Perception


  • Research and develop robust robotics perception algorithms (classification, segmentation, detection, tracking, prediction, ...).

  • Optimize and deliver algorithm as code product for high-performance perception software.


  • B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Machine learning or related technical field with 2+ years of industry or research experience developing robotics algorithm or ML models.

  • Strong experience programming in C++ and Python with robust and efficient code

  • Knowledgeable in implementing Kalman Filters based tracking, scan matching algorithms.

  • Deep understanding of fundamental machine learning (such as svm, tree based models, clustering, … ) and deep learning for computer vision (object detection, segmentation, …). 

  • Strong mathematics skills - linear algebra, optimization, probability, and statistics.


  • Experience in robot perception using 3D pointclouds such as LiDAR, RADAR

  • Experience with parallel computing and GPU acceleration

  • Familiarity with thread-safe algorithms and patterns

  • Publications in your field (especially CVPR, ICCV, ICRA, IROS, ...)

Research Engineer Intern - Machine Learning


  • Design, build, train and test and optimize Machine Learning and Deep Learning perception models such as segmentation, classification, detection, tracking, and prediction


  • Able to commit to a minimum of a 12-week internship

  • Fluency in Python and ML libraries like Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch,  etc

  • Understanding of fundamental Machine Learning (such as SVM, tree-based models, clustering, … ) and Deep Learning. 

  • Curious, self-motivated, and excited about solving challenging problems.

  • Great communication skills, both oral and written.


  • Experience in robot perception using 3D pointclouds such as LiDAR, RADAR

  • Experience with modern computer vision techniques such as object segmentation and detection

  • Proven ability to quickly and effectively turn research ML papers into working code

  • Strong mathematics skills - linear algebra, optimization, probability, and statistics.

Software Engineer - C++, Application


  • Design and implement highly performant, high-availability 3D computer vision software for autonomous vehicle, robots and smart city

  • Design and implement robust application framework for AI software in C++


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent work experience

  • Experience in 3D software development including 3D graphics, gaming and vision application

  • Familiarity with software design patterns

  • Curious, self-motivated, and excited about solving challenging problems

  • Great communication skills, both oral and written


  • Experience in embedded software development

  • Experience in distributed system development

  • Experience in robotic software development

DevOps Engineer

Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced DevOps (Development and Operations) professional to join our growing organization. You will be involved in infrastructure projects, mainly to automate test, improvement, packaging and deployment processes for our 3D computer vision software. 


  • Manage internal DevOps tools such as CI/CD, data collection and data management tools

  • Build software production process automation tools

  • Design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management infrastructure for a variety of hardware platforms

  • Work directly with the Engineering management to test system integrity

  • Handle code deployments in all environments

  • Build automated test platform for core software functions and algorithms


  • Bachelor’s degree in CS, engineering, software engineering, or related field

  • Minimum 2 years’ previous experience in development and operations, or related IT, computer, or operations field

  • Experience with Linux infrastructures and CI/CD tools

  • Experience with scripting such as Python, JavaScript and Ruby

  • Experience with Scrum/Kanban/SAFe, Agile workflow methodologies


  • Previous experience with software development, infrastructure development, or development and operations

  • Understanding of (unit) testing procedures for C++ applications

  • Experience with containers and container management tools (Kubernetes, Docker)

  • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management

Please send your resume to recruit@seoulrobotics.org

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