Seoul Robotics provides products and solutions for a variety of industries and market applications

Smart Cities & ITS

Use SENSR software to measure vehicle and pedestrian flow through urban areas.

Improve safety, reduce traffic, decrease carbon emissions

No Privacy concerns - no facial images or personally identifiable information collected

Autonomous Driving 

LiDAR-based perception for Autonomous Vehicles

Recognizes pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles with within 4cm accuracy

Security & Airports

Perimeter security and monitoring 

Intrusion detection

Create an ‘invisible fence’ around your area

Receive alerts when perimeter is breached

Reliable security with 360 degree view, day and night and in inclement weather

Retail &

Learn how people travel through your space

Create real-time 3D models to track movements​

Respect and protect individual privacy with no personal information gathered​

Recognize suspicious behavior and potential security threats

Smart Factories

Observe entire operations floor in a single display, tracking worker and machine movements in real-time.

Collision /accident detection and avoidance 

Increase efficiency by monitoring worker activity

Autonomous machine and Robot navigation

a LiDAR Perception company


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