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LiDAR Made Easy

Plug and Play Kits

Seoul Robotics makes LiDAR-based 3D Perception easy with our Plug And Play Kits product line.

Using 3D Data can be intimidating.
Seoul Robotics makes it

Seoul Robotics makes LiDAR-based 3D Perception easy with our Plug And Play Kits product line. 


Our Plug and Play kits include LiDAR processing unit edge devices, which come pre-installed with Seoul Robotics’ proprietary software. They also include LiDAR sensors from our trusted partners, selected to match the user’s specific needs.


Plug and Play Kits come with an optional deep learning module, for increased accuracy and detection.


Key Features of the Plug and Play Kits include:

  • Industry-leading 3D LiDAR sensing powered by Seoul Robotics' proprietary software SENSR

  • Edge computing for minimum data burden and ease of integration

  • Built-in sophisticated perception software for instantaneous analytics

Lidar Perception Development Kit


The ‘proof of concept’ perception kit. Open the box, plug it in, and start using LiDAR data in under an hour. 


The Discovery Kit includes engineering support from the Seoul Robotics support team.


Deployment-Ready Kit


Low power, plug and play LiDAR perception kit.

This single edge device is pre-loaded with SENSR software and has a dedicated LAN port and digital IO. It has a ruggedized solid state fanless design, with optional Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity.


For Larger Scale Deployments


The Endeavor Device can process data from up to eight 32-channel LiDAR sensors simultaneously, for large scale deployments.

Endeavor reduces raw sensor data bandwidth by over 95%, enabling it to be deployed in both rural and urban environments regardless of broadband capabilities.


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