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E-Mart, Korea's Largest Retail Store, Collaborates with Seoul Robotics for Customer Analytics

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Anonymity is a crucially important factor in retail analytics. Seoul Robotics' LiDAR-based SENSR doesn't observe or collect personally identifiable biometric data, meaning that retailers like E-Mart can benefit from data-driven insights while importantly protecting the privacy of their customers.


The bustling Seoul neighbourhood of Seongsu is a hub for young people, with countless cafes, art galleries, and restaurants lining the back streets. Accordingly, the local E-Mart store is one of the busiest grocery stores in the country, dealing with high volumes of customers daily. E-Mart, the largest in-store retailer in Korea, sought make their store layouts more efficient, and to accurately measure customer movements throughout their store for marketing purposes. A primary concern, though, was the collection of sensitive customer information.

Traditional customer analytics solutions such as cameras collect images of customers faces, representing a large privacy concern. Seoul Robotics' LiDAR based solution, however, does not capture images or any other personally identifiable data of individuals. SENSR is accurate, affordable, and most importantly, anonymous.

Seoul Robotics installed 17 LiDAR sensors around the Seongsu E-Mart, which were able to track customers' movements around the entire store floor. The anonymous data was used to determine the average path of customers, where customers spend the most time, and which sections of the store receive high foot traffic. Together, E-Mart and Seoul Robotics are trying to introduce the massive potential of AI and 3D vision to the in-person retail industry. This collaboration with E-Mart demonstrates the immense value of SENSR in retail analytics applications, providing important marketing insights while respecting the privacy of customers.

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