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Forbes Features Seoul Robotics as LiDAR Software Industry Leader

Updated: Apr 28

In an article entitled 3D Imaging And LiDAR - Poised To Dominate Autonomy And Perception, Forbes contributor and LiDAR industry expert Sabbir Rangwala introduces Seoul Robotics as a leader in the field of 3D computer vision.

Sabbir Rangwala, Forbes Contributor, writes about Seoul Robotics and the future of LiDAR technology.

Mr. Rangwala positions LiDAR as the key technology of the future for fields ranging from autonomous driving to space debris mapping.

Seoul Robotics is introduced as "a team of 40 software and algorithm specialists based in Seoul, South Korea that works with a number of LiDAR companies to integrate software that processes raw LiDAR point cloud data to produce application specific information."

The article goes on to discuss the differences between 2D and 3D data, and the difficulties associated with the processing of 3D data. The article quotes Seoul Robotics CEO HanBin Lee, saying:

“3D image processing requires fundamentally different techniques since voxels (3D data element) represent an order of magnitude more information (a cube vs a rectangle) and costs for annotating this data manually is very expensive”.

A comparison of 2D and 3D data

Seoul Robotics ongoing project with a major automotive OEM, related to factory automation, is also mentioned. The author notes how compared to the technologies tried - 2D cameras, single channel Lidars, and stereo cameras - 3D LiDAR performed the best. Again, HanBin Lee is quoted saying:

“We are looking forward to this significant implementation of 3D Vision Technology and expect it to provide massive automation benefits at a high level of safety. The experience gained in a project of this scale will be invaluable for other smart city and smart infrastructure applications”.

Read the full article from Forbes.

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