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H&Z Management Consulting names Seoul Robotics' Software Competencies as Most Advanced in Industry

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

German consulting firm H&Z Management Consulting reported that Seoul Robotics has the most advanced software competencies in the LiDAR industry. Their independent report, entitled "Market Study: LiDAR for industrial applications" highlighted the comparative advantages of LiDAR, it's industry applications, and future market growth predictions.

Seoul Robotics was recognized by H&Z for having the most advanced In-house industrial software competencies of any company in the LiDAR industry. Seoul Robotics was also included in the category of the 'Growing perception software market.'

"In the future, the market for developed perception software for industrial applications will gain more importance, as the hardware will get increasingly affected by standardization", the report adds.

This independent report further demonstrates that, despite being a young, software-focused startup, Seoul Robotics is already leading the industry in capabilities, and has immense potential to lead the LiDAR industry in the future!

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