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LG U+ Partners with Seoul Robotics for Traffic Monitoring Solution

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

LG U+ announced on Sunday that they have partnered with Seoul Robotics to intelligently monitor traffic around their office in Seoul. LG U+ will use Seoul Robotics’ smart infrastructure-based solution to develop a dynamic map of local road situations, with the ultimate objective of supporting safer driving.

A subsidiary of LG Corporation, LG U+ is one of the largest telecommunications companies in South Korea. Together with Seoul Robotics, the telecommunications giant installed LiDAR sensors at an intersection at the LG Science Park, in Western Seoul.

Data collected from the LiDAR sensors will be analyzed with machine learning AI by Seoul Robotics’ SENSR software, which classifies and tracks pedestrians, vehicles, and motorcycles as they move through road environments. LG U+ plans to incorporate this processed data into a 5G-based cloud and MEC (multi-access edge computing) data analysis solution.

LG U+ and Seoul Robotics signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 17th, outlining the two companies’ commitment to '5G based LiDAR Traffic Monitoring Technology Development’ together.

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