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LIDAR Magazine Interview with HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

HanBin (or 'Cap' as he is better known) sat down with Dr. A Stewart Walker, the managing editor of LIDAR magazine to discuss all things Seoul Robotics. The conversation began with an explanation of the the SENSR software and Discovery, the all-in-one solution which Seoul Robotics released this year. Cap then got asked about he partnerships that we have with various industry leaders (although he couldn't say too much about some of them - stay tuned for updates).

The conversation ended with an outlook on the future of the LiDAR industry, and of Elon Musk's open and arguably misguided opinions on the technology. Cap pointed out that despite criticizing LiDAR on Tesla's autonomy day in 2017, Mr. Musk has been using LiDAR technology in the recent SpaceX launches. Thank you very much to Dr. Walker and LIDAR Magazine for your interest in Seoul Robotics!

The interview appeared in the May 22nd edition of LiDAR Magazine, Volume 11 Issue 2.

Read the full interview.

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