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On 5G, ATI, and Life Lessons - Authority Magazine sits down with Cap

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Authority Magazine, a Medium Publication, interviewed Seoul Robotics CEO HanBin Lee (Cap) for a piece entitled HanBin Lee of Seoul Robotics on How 5G Technology May Improve and Impact Our Lives. Interviewer David Liu, Founder of communications firm Deltaphath, sat down with Cap to discuss tech topics such as the implications of 5G and autonomy through infrastructure, but also personal questions about Cap's life advice.

In the interview, Cap explains the importance of 5G for autonomy through infrastructure (ATI). ATI allows networks of vehicles and machines to be controlled to be controlled autonomously - without the need for LiDAR sensors on the vehicles themselves. Instead, perception is performed by sensors on the surrounding infrastructure - buildings, traffic posts, et. - which is then communicated to autonomous vehicles in the network. With such a great amount of information being sent over wireless networks, the speed and low latency of 5G improves the overall operations of ATI systems.

A youthful Cap and Team Seoul Robotics

On a more personal note, Cap offered his advice to young entrepreneurs. He explained that 'showing up is half the work' and that you always miss the shots that you don't take. Finally, he advised not to be scared to go global in business, especially as the globe shrinks due to technology.

Read the full interview with Authority Magazine here.

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