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Self-Driving Testbed on Jeju Island - JDC, KoROAD, Seoul Robotics

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

As reported by FNNews, Seoul Robotics is working with government agencies and other leading self-driving technology companies to develop a self-driving testbed on Jeju Island.

Full Text: (Translated from original article in Korean)

Leap Forward in Jeju Island’s Self-Driving Technology – JDC, Korea Road Traffic Authority Jeju Island will be used as a test bed for the National Police Agency’s self-driving R&D project. The Jeju International Free City Development Center (JDC) held a working-level meeting at its headquarters in the Jeju Advanced Science and Technology Complex on June 23rd to discuss ways to cooperate with the government's self-driving technology development innovation project and foster the self-driving industry in Jeju. JDC Chairman Moon Dae-rim, Chairman Lee Ju-min of the Korea Road Traffic Authority (KoROAD) along with leading autonomous driving companies Autonomus A2Z, Seoul Robotics, and Bitsensing attended the meeting. KoROAD, which is in charge of the National Police Agency's self-driving R&D project, confirmed the possibility of using Jeju as a test bed for research and development of self-driving technology and it’s applications. Chairman Lee Ju-min said "Jeju's climate and terrain are the optimal environment for self-driving research," adding, "We will try to implement the self-driving R&D project conducted by the National Police Agency in Jeju." "We will spare no support or effort to attract the government's R&D project to Jeju," Chairman Moon Daerim said. "We will do our best to innovate the development of technologies related to autonomous driving around the Jeju Advanced Science and Technology Complex."

Jeju Advanced Science and Technology Complex

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