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Seoul Robotics Brings Product Suite to Israel Through Partnership With Hyper-Tech Advanced Systems

The 3D computer vision company expands the availability of its “plug-and-play” solutions to meet growing demand in Israel

TEL AVIV -- July 13, 2021 -- Seoul Robotics, the 3D computer vision company using AI and machine learning to power the future of mobility, today announced a distribution partnership with Hyper-Tech Advanced Systems, a professional hub for cutting-edge positioning, mapping, M2M, IoT, and wireless communication technologies, to supply its industry-leading 3D sensor solutions across Israel. This partnership will enable Hyper-Tech’s customers to access and deploy 3D-based systems to address a variety of business challenges using SENSR™, Seoul Robotics’ sensor-agnostic 3D perception software.

Throughout the Israeli market, companies are taking advantage of growing advances in 3D perception to create safer and more efficient systems. Historically, access to these technologies has been limited due to inefficiencies and lack of resources to build cost-effective, fully integrated solutions. Seoul Robotics solves this challenge by offering a variety of products tailored to different applications — wrong-way lane detection, pedestrian-vehicle interaction tracking, and more. Additionally, Seoul Robotics offers all-in-one “plug and play” systems that incorporate 3D perception software and Lidar Processing Units into a complete product, making it easier than ever to install 3D sensor-based solutions.

“Our product suite provides companies with the unprecedented potential to build and deploy 3D solutions for a variety of applications and needs, from increased safety and security to autonomously moving cars through warehouses,” said HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics. “Our partnership with Hyper-Tech will accelerate the adoption of LiDAR and 3D sensor technologies in Israel, making it easier than ever to integrate these solutions into operations.”

Hyper-Tech will work directly with customers to build and deploy 3D sensor-based solutions across a range of industries including smart cities, retail, and security. Partners will be able to utilize Seoul Robotics solutions for a variety of applications, including monitoring the customer journey in-stores, tracking vehicle and pedestrian traffic to make roads more efficient, and creating secure perimeters in places like airports.

“The quality of products Seoul Robotics brings to our partners is unparalleled. With the growing use of 3D sensors, our companies require accurate and reliable 3D perception software,” said Menachem Stern, Vice President of Machine to Machine, Internet of Things, and Wireless Communication at Hyper-Tech. “SENSR™ gives our customers the opportunity to build and deploy custom solutions and meet the increasing demand for technology to address ongoing challenges like safety and traffic control.”

This partnership is part of Seoul Robotics’ global distribution expansion efforts. Last month, Seoul Robotics announced a partnership with Dymaxion to distribute SENSR and Discovery in the South American market, as well as recent distribution partnerships with Level Five Supplies in Europe and Macnica in Asia. To learn more about Seoul Robotics or if you are looking to join the company’s growing team, visit

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