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Seoul Robotics joins Advisory Board for Smart Future Mobility at KoROAD

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Seoul Robotics CEO HanBin Lee has joined the Smart Future Mobility advisory board of the Korea Road Traffic Authority (KoROAD). KoROAD, the Korean equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles, launched the Smart Future Mobility advisory board earlier this month in order to develop traffic safety related technologies.

HanBin was invited to the board as one of 33 industry, research, and academic experts in the fields of mobility. The primary roles of the the council are to provide technical advice on emerging technologies related to the 4th industrial revolution, to train KoROAD employees, and to foster collaboration between industry, academia, and government.

Seoul Robotics looks forward to advising KoROAD on the future of autonomous vehicles and computer vision!


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