Seoul Robotics Launches First 3D Perception Software with Deep Learning

3D computer vision company sets industry standard for accuracy and reliability with new version of its proprietary software, SENSR

Seoul Robotics introduced the newest version of our 3D perception software, which now includes deep learning capabilities. Launched September 1st, the deep learning capacity of the newest software allows detection of objects which partially obstructed, fast-moving, or clustered together, with greater than ever before accuracy.

Seoul Robotics' software now uses deep learning to classify vehicles, motorcycles, and people.

Deep learning is pushing the limit of what is possible in the LiDAR industry, enabling unprecedented perception accuracy. While other 3D computer vision software relies on machine learning and rule-based systems, Seoul Robotics now uses deep learning to track more than 500 objects simultaneously and with an accuracy range of within 10 cm.

"The introduction of deep learning into 3D perception software may be one of the last show-stopping enhancements in the LiDAR industry." - Hanbin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics

Read the full press release here!

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