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Seoul Robotics Wins Two Awards at World Smart Cities Exhibition

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

From September 8th to 10th, Seoul Robotics attended the World Smart Cities Exhibition in Ilsan, South Korea. Korean municipal governments, foreign embassies, and over 150 smart cities-businesses took part in the 5th annual event.

Seoul Robotics Booth at World Smart Cities Exhibition 2021

Seoul Robotics was nominated for, and won, two awards at the event: The WSCE 2021 Award and the Minister's Award.

Cap accepts the WSCE 2021 Award on behalf of Seoul Robotics

The first award was the WSCE 2021 Award, which recognized Seoul Robotics its contribution to the development and growth of the smart city industry.

Flowers in the air

The second award that Seoul Robotics won at the event was the Minister's Award, awarded to the top six most innovative SME's in the fair. Originally, Seoul Robotics was selected as one of 25 companies to participate in the World Smart Cities Exhibition as part of the Korean Innovative SMEs fair. From that group, Seoul Robotics was awarded the Minister's Award after evaluation by a panel of judges.

WSCE 2021 Award Winning Seoul Robotics

See Seoul Robotics among the the full list of WSCE 2021 Recipients.

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