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South Korean President Moon Jae-In responds to Cap's request [Video]

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

South Korean President Moon Jae-In responded to Seoul Robotics' CEO Han-Bin Lee (Cap) in an official video from the Blue House, the office of the President of South Korea.

The video, released to commemorate the second annual Youth Day in South Korea, featured young entrepreneurs and youth interested in founding businesses, along with a panel including President Moon Jae-In. One of the entrepreneurs featured was none other than Seoul Robotics CEO, Han-Bin Lee (Cap).

Cap talks about youth entrepreneurship in Korea

Cap introduced Seoul Robotics, and explained that it is his goal to bring a company with the name 'Seoul' to the Nasdaq stock market. He said that he wants the world to know that in Korea, there are highly innovative and growing tech startup companies.

Cap, speaking to the President in his signature crocs and baseball hat

Cap also discussed how he was thankful for the support that Seoul Robotics received from the Korean government in it's early days of business. He ended his segment by asking for a message of support from President Moon Jae-In for youth entrepreneurs and youth interested in starting businesses.

President Moon-Jae In commemorating the 2nd Annual Youth Day

President Moon Jae-In responded that youth in Korea are incredibly bright and are competitively motivated. He said that should not be afraid to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations, instead he encourage them to be brave and to know that the government will support them in their endeavors. He discussed some of the ways that the Korean government supports young entrepreneurs, including financial support.

"Be brave and face new challenges in business" - President Moon Jae-In

Thank you for taking the time to listen to Cap, and for the message of support, Mr. President!

Watch the full video on the Blue House Youtube Channel.

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