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Autonomous Vehicles

Powered by SENSR-M Software

3D Perception Software for Autonomous Vehicles

Seoul Robotics is building a 3D computer perception software for self-driving cars. Called SENSR-M, it enables autonomous vehicles to perceive and understand dynamic and static objects around them in real time. Vehicles equipped with SENSR-M will be able to accurately and reliably recognize other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles in their surroundings.

SENSR-M is a hybrid system of both a data-driven deep learning core, bundled with classic feature-based algorithms. That enables autonomous vehicles to recognize any objects - even those which are not classified. This redundancy in perception layers provides incredible accuracy, while providing the fail safe system for understanding emergency situations.

Seoul Robotics’ core technology provides ADAS solutions, too. Using data from sensors either onboard vehicles, or attached to the surrounding infrastructure, the SENSR software can alert drivers of potential collisions. SENSR ensures that drivers and machinery operators can see around corners or in blind spots at all times - preventing accidents in factories, logistics yards, and more.

Autonomous Vehicles


Trained and optimized from data all over the world.


Providing 100 percent accuracy, within 2 degrees of vehicle orientation information


Know before it happens.


SENSR-M has been integrated with an accurate prediction system that doesn’t require prior map information


Perception layer redundancy provides top-class safety

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