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3D Perception Software


SENSR, our patented core technology, is a computer vision software that uses state-of-the-art deep learning to create highly accurate 3D models of the world in real time.  

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Perceive the World

Real Time Perception

Our powerful perception engine creates accurate 3D models of the world with industry-leading accuracy, while requiring the lowest computational requirements. SENSR allows machines to perceive their surroundings, and organizations to better understand how objects move around their physical spaces.


Object Recognition

SENSR uses both rule-based and machine learning techniques to recognize and classify people, automobiles, and 2-wheel vehicles as they move.



Computer Vision

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Our software analyzes depth and shape information from 3D sensors, rather than color information from cameras. This makes our solutions highly accurate, with low error rates. 

Bring your own LiDAR


SENSR is sensor-agnostic and is designed to fuse with different types of 3D sensors from LiDAR to Imaging Radar and 3D cameras. The platform supports all major LiDAR and 3D sensors currently on the market today.

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