Seoul Robotics' singular focus is to "Make Robots Intelligent." 

Advancement of 3D sensors are unlocking the next-gen robotics.

We no longer need to "estimate" from 2D images,

as robots are now seeing the world in 3D "measurements"

And Seoul Robotics is fueling the autonomous revolution by creating the advanced computer vision software for 3D sensors - because robots need to understand what it sees in 3D.

Seoul Robotics have leading 3D Data experts from wide industries - robotics, video game, 3D printing, aerospace, and automotive.

With our international team from 9 different countries now working together in Seoul, Detroit, and Silicon Valley - we aim to be the leading 3D computer vision technology provider in the world.

Join Seoul Robotics to make robots intelligent with

3D computer vision technology!

P.S I drive a Tesla...but unlike Elon, I trust Lidar.

"Captain" HanBin Lee
Summer, 2020