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Advanced 3D Computer Vision for 3D Sensors

Real-time 3D data processing with Machine Learning on edge devices -

Providing utmost accuracy with the lowest computation requirement




Smart 3D Perception Engine by Seoul Robotics

A Window to your Lidar

3D perception software platform for Lidar sensors.

Fuse, Calibrate, Process Lidars with ease.




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Robotics Vision

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Who We Are

Finding our way from Silicon Valley to Seoul, back to the world.

Democratize Lidar Solutions

Real-time Lidar perception software (3D Object Detection or 3D Computer Vision) has long been properties of a few well-funded tech giants who could afford the spend millions of dollars on annotating, training, testing, and making the algorithm for their self-driving vehicles.


Seoul Robotics has been making advanced Lidar perception software for self-driving cars, which requires the highest accuracy and reliability. And Seoul Robotics have been providing the technology to a wide range of sectors - because we knew that robotics and other industries might not have the time and resources to make what the tech giants have – but need the proven software as much as anyone else.


We have been creating the state of the art Lidar perception software since 2017, so companies could benefit NOW from the recent advancement of Lidar solutions.


Whether it be ADAS, LV4, Robotics, Smart City, or Security –
Seoul Robotics SENSR is ready to help to fully utilize your 3D sensors... especially Lidars.


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