Autonomous Vehicles

3D Perception Software for Autonomous Vehicles

Seoul Robotics is building a 3D computer perception software for self-driving cars. Called SENSR-M, it enables autonomous vehicles to perceive and understand dynamic and static objects around them in real time. Vehicles equipped with SENSR-M will be able to accurately and reliably recognize other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles in their surroundings.

SENSR-M is a hybrid system of both a data-driven deep learning core, bundled with classic feature-based algorithms. That enables autonomous vehicles to recognize any objects - even those which are not classified. This redundancy in perception layers provides incredible accuracy, while providing the fail safe system for understanding emergency situations.



SENSR-M has been trained and optimized from data all over the world. Providing 100 percent accuracy, and within 2 degrees of vehicle orientation information


Know before it happens.


SENSR-M has been integrated with an accurate prediction system that doesn’t require prior map information


Perception layer redundancy provides top-class safety


A first of its kind 'Autonomy Through 5G Infrastructure' solution

Seoul Robotics is building Autonomy Through 5G Infrastructure to solve the first and last mile autonomy, by automating thousands of vehicles with only a few sensors. Instead of placing burdensome sensors and computers directly on board vehicles, hardware is placed on the surrounding environment  such as buildings, poles and other stationary infrastructure.

Non-autonomous vehicles controlled autonomously

The network of sensors in the surrounding environment are controlled by a central processing unit, which communicates with all vehicles simultaneously and in real-time, using V2X connectivity technology. The result is fully autonomous closed ecosystems. This allows thousands of vehicles to be autonomously driven in a controlled network, safely navigating around obstacles and other vehicles, with data from relatively few sensors.

By eliminating the need for repetitive, manual  driving around storage and distribution lots, the LV5 CTRL TWR increases efficiency, lowers costs, and improves worker safety. As a first and last mile solution, autonomy through infrastructure is poised to revolutionize the manufacturing, logistics, and trucking industries.


Smart Cities

Use SENSR 2.0 to measure vehicle and pedestrian flow through urban areas

Data driven insights for city planners and policymakers

Improve safety, reduce traffic, decrease carbon emissions

No Privacy concerns - no facial images or personally identifiable information collected

Smart Cities Applications: 

  • Vulnerable road user tracking (pedestrians, cyclists)

  • Pedestrian crossing monitoring

  • Stop line violation detection 

  • Speeding violation detection

  • Wrong-way detection

  • Congestion measurement, traffic flow analysis

  • Idle time measurement

Our Smart Cities solution deployment in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has won multiple awards.

Download the Chattanooga Smart City Case Study




Perimeter security and monitoring 

Intrusion detection

Create an ‘invisible fence’ around your area

Receive alerts when perimeter is breached

Reliable security with 360 degree view, day and night and in inclement weather


Smart Factories

Observe entire operations floor in a single display, tracking worker and machine movements in real-time

Collision /accident detection and avoidance 

Increase efficiency by monitoring worker activity

Autonomous machine / robot navigation

Retail / Events

Learn how people gather and travel through your space


Create real-time 3D models to track movements

Respect and protect individual privacy with no personal information gathered

Recognize suspicious behavior and potential security threats